Below is a sample of the Parent workshops I have held (Some can be viewed by clicking on the link).

Your child is not an adult!

In this introductory session I talked to the parents about the basics of setting consistency in the family home.

The Apple or the Tree?

 In this second talk I went deeper into the wider socialisation process what parents need to be aware of as the final stepping stone in the process of raising children.

Should I choose an International School?

International Education and what you need to know.  Things to look for in International schools. What is the difference between the theories behind them and why have they become so important.


In this talk I give an overview of myself and how to support your child when they are dealing with rejection. 

  In this interview you will learn:

  • what the most important piece of information is that you need to walk away with, after each of your child’s Parent-Teacher meetings.   
  • why it’s important for parents to develop their self-compassion
  • how we can prevent students from developing negative coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, so that they develop the right life skills, instead.